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Welcome to Junja Holdings Limited

Founded in 2020, Junja Holdings Limited stands at the forefront of digital innovation. We specialize in the development of communication platforms and the seamless operation and support of their payment infrastructures. 

The Company Today

Our turnkey solutions cover the entire lifecycle of digital communication products, ensuring seamless communication and secure transactions. Through continuous monitoring and rigorous testing, we enhance the quality and reliability of our services, making online interactions more efficient, secure, and enjoyable.

Numerous qualified

specialists involved

a number of international 

partners around the world

Huge marketing budgets and

a plenty of monthly active users

Our Values

We are committed

We are open

We enjoy our journey


Our mission is to unite people around the globe by providing

them with tools for online social entertainment.

What We DO


IT Product Development

We develop solutions for social discovery niche to ensure cross-border online communication and entertainment between people from all over the world. 

We are proud to be among those helping people to meet challenges of ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, when they reduce their personal relations but still need to stay socially connected.

Under product development and operations we offer:

  • Wide range of options to find partners for communication, having fun, travelling together, studying foreign languages or even building business network

  • Tools for cross-border communication between people from different geographies, of different cultures, nationalities, religions, languages and interests

  • User-friendly product interface

  • Various formats of communication – chats, photos, music, gifts

  • Regular updates

  • Mobile and web products for comfortable user experience

  • Proactive customer support team

  • Cross-platform products - Android and iOs

Perfomance Marketing

Our data-driven approach together with talented and creative 

professionals supported by partnerships with major marketing

platforms help us to stay competitive in marketing of online products

Under performance marketing we offer:

  • Reputable marketing partners with years of industry experience

  • Partnership with major tracking platforms

  • Reliable and transparent system of performance tracking

  • Highly customised marketing campaigns

  • Proper traffic sources resulted in attractive ROI

  • Communication safety due to responsible online security engineers  

  • Up-to-date network of business partners

  • Data-driven approach

Our main marketing partners


Our offices

With global focus on our IT business we create

teams in different locations

Our office in Cyprus

Cyprus office is our head office where our marketing and IT product development teams are centered. Being highly innovative to ensure effective cross-border interaction between teams, it remains a cozy place for employees where they feel themselves at home


Contact Us

Phone: +35799921227
Prodromou, 75
2063, Nicosia, Cyprus

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